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MA Thesis Applied Research


These resources will provide you with the basis for critical analysis and reflection of ideas and points of view necessary in knowing and understanding the design of the applied research thesis (MA programs). In addition to the following readings, you will need to pursue additional readings in the topic you will explore in your applied research.

Hart, Chris. 1998. Doing a Literature Review. Sage Publications. ISBN10: 0761959750.

Hewson, Claire, Peter Yule, Dianna Laurent, and Carl Vogel. 2003. Internet Research Methods. Sage Publications. ISBN: 0761959203.

Madsen, David. Successful Dissertations and Theses. 2nd ed. Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1992. ISBN: 1555423892.

Mann, Thomas. 2005. The Oxford Guide to Library Research. Revised and updated ed. 3rd ed. Oxford University Press. ISBN13: 978-0195189988.

Turabian, Kate L. 2007. A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses and Dissertations. 7th ed. University of Chicago Press. ISBN13: 9780226823379.

Venolia, Janet G. 2001. Write Right! A Desktop Digest of Punctuation, Grammar, and Style. 4th ed. Ten Speed Press. ISBN: 1580083285.

Vyhmeister, Nancy Jean. 2008. Quality Research Papers. Zondervan. ISBN13: 9780310274407.

resources included as attachments to this guide

• How to Outline (Appendix A)
• Special Preliminary Pages (Appendix B)
• Applied Research Thesis Blueprint (Appendix C)
• Applied Research Thesis Checklist (Appendix D)


• Chicago Style Quick Citation Guide
• Turabian Style
• Research Ethics Risk Assessment Guide
• Research Ethics Checklist
• Student Handbook


The Trinity Online Learning Center (TOLC) at provides students with access to resources such as: online classrooms and resources, online submission of completed assignments, downloadable forms and documents, etc. News and information about academic policies and procedures can also be found on the home page of the TOLC.


The Harold F. Hunter Theological Library (HTL) is an electronic library accessed through the Trinity Online Learning Center. The Hunter Theological Library is the student gateway to online databases, tutorials, and valuable resources in the completion of course assignments and degree requirements. Trinity’s Information Specialist (Librarian) can be contacted at


The final demonstration of a student’s competencies in master level studies is the development of formal research. The following parameters apply to the research design:

1. Number of thesis evaluation committee members: Two—First and Second Reader with option for a Third Reader.

2. Number of pages: 12,500 words (50 pages) minimum to 17,500 words (70 pages) maximum.

3. Chapter 1—Introduction: approximately 5-10 pages in length

4. Chapter 2—Analysis of the Literature: approximately 30-40 pages in length

5. Chapter 3—Conclusion: approximately 5-10 pages in length

6. Direct quotations, including Scripture, account for no more than 20% of the total content.

7. An appropriate Bibliography with correctly formatted citations appears at the end of the research: 40 sources minimum.

8. Either footnotes or parenthetical references are used throughout (not endnotes) and are formatted correctly according to Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations.

9. Chapter contents conform to the documentation structure of the Applied Research Thesis Checklist.

10. Chapters are properly formatted according to all matters of style.

11. Consistent use of verb tenses is used. Past tense (e.g., Smith showed) or present perfect tense (e.g., researchers have shown) is appropriate for the literature review and the description of the procedure if the...

Bibliography: (required, counted, numbered—only referenced resources in the study)
The Official Graduation Month is February, May, August, or November, not the month of the defense
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