Computerized Booking And Reservation

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Kode Inn’s Booking and Reservation

Curaza, Jacquilyn R.
Peresores, Jessa F.

A Systems Analysis and Design Project, Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Systems Analysis and Design Course

Presented to:

Prof. Allan C. Espiritu

Development is everywhere and automation has been one of its contributions in the society. And with these technologies, everyone would probably don’t want to be left behind. This high technology can be considered an advantage to the business industry. That is why many establishments here in the Philippines specifically Bohol have adapted this change especially resorts, hotels, and inns which sprouted in order to accommodate foreign and domestic customers a secure place with comfort and satisfaction. Automation is not always the solution but in this fast growing numbers of foreign and domestic customers checking in and out of this establishment, automation is needed. Kode Inn, found in the heart of the city is one of the most visited places here in the Tagbilaran with its good ambiance despite their being new to the industry. Kode Inn started their business operation manually in handling of information. As the number of customer increases, handling and keeping of booking and reservation of customers and storing as well as retrieving of records have become a problem on the side of the management because more time and effort is required. The foregoing situation has prompted the proponents to convert their business transaction specifically on booking and reservation system to an automated and computerized based. Booking and Reservation System of Kode Inn is the proposed project. The proposed system project is capable of making Kode Inn’s operation easy, convenient, efficient, and organized. This can help the business in making its processes and operation more efficient to provide better services and quality assurance to every demand of the world. This project would somehow assist the establishment in facing the more competitive ground of the business sector.

Table of Contents

Project Overview: Abstract 1
Table of Contents2
1.0 Introduction
1.1. Project Background3
1.2. Necessity of a New Design4
1.3. Scenario/Mission Overview5
1.4. Requirements, Constraints, & Assumptions6-7
1.5. Thesis Scope8

2.0 Review of Related Literature9-10

3.0 Analysis and Modeling
3.1 Data Gathering Techniques11
3.2 Context Diagram (present system)11-12
3.3 Data Flow Diagram (present system)13
3.4 Context Diagram (proposed system)14
3.5 Data Flow Diagram (proposed system)15-17
3.6 Design, Integration & Packaging.18-24
3.7 Cost Benefit Analysis (include strategic and tactical benefits)25 3.8 Feasibility Assessment25
3.8.1 Economic Analysis25
3.8.2 Technical Analysis26
3.8.3 Operational Analysis26
3.8.4 Schedules, Timeline, and Resource Analysis27-28

4.0 Conclusions, Recommendations and Suggestions for Future Work 4.1 Conclusions29
4.2 Recommendations29
4.3 Suggestions for Future Work29

5.0 Bibliography and Appendices

1.1 Introduction
1.1 Project Background
An inn is a small hotel, a commercial establishment where people pay for lodging. It caters to people while they are away from home, whether for a day, week or month for business or for pleasure. One of the most visited inns in the City of Tagbilaran is Kode Inn. It is owned by Mrs. Femalyn Tabelon Valloso, and managed by Ms. Luchi Pizarras. Kode Inn started their operation on March 18, 2008. It is always their main priority to accommodate in a secured place the growing number of foreign and domestic tourists and render quality service they won’t forget. The Kode Inn, whose booking and reservation system is a subject of this research uses manual process in its daily operation and transaction. At present,...
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