Computer Hacking Problems and Solutions

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Imagine yourself going into the bank to get money out of your account for your rent or other important bill, and the account is dry and you just got paid the day before..or going to pay a bill with your credit card and card after card is maxed out then you find out that someone has stolen all your information and used all of your resources to live and pay bills. If this happened to me my heart would be beating so fast in panic id probably pass out considering I have so many kids to provide for. Well it happens everyday to people everywhere all over the world. One of the major problems causing this is called hacking which is defined by the company who created the website the free dictonary dot com, Houghton mifflin company, as to gain access to a computer file or network illegally or without authorization. It is a big problem not just here but in other countries as well.One incident id like to mention is the playstation store being hacked into

Now I would like to move on to some stastistics. According to the internet crime complaint center also know as the IC3 a partnership with the federal beauro of investigation, the national white collar crime center and the bearo of justice assistance. The percentage of people hacked within the last year has increased 22 from last year.

next I am going to go over some solutions to a couple possible goals of the hacker that I have researched on ic3 to help prevent or reduce the chance of the hacker meeting those goals. The first one is called internet extortion to help prevent or reduce the chance of being hacked for this security needs to be doubled up so the intruder or hacker needs to basically get thru many obsticles to achieve the goal, also ensure security is installed at every possible entry point of your system, identify wherher your internet provider is utilyzing any ports that have been known to represent insecurities, ensure you are utilyzing the most up to date patch or fixes for your software.

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