Rogerain Essay on Computer Hacking

Topics: Black hat, Grey hat, White hat Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: July 23, 2013
Yadhu Khatri
Professor Wilson
ENGL 1301
23 June 2013
Computer Hacking: is it an acceptable?
Computer hackers are always using new technologies in today’s world although it was started after the establishment of computer. While it is considered as an ethical, but study of internet checking trends, most hackers are motivated by profit when they attack computer network and files. Forty two percent of hackers were trying to steal sensitive information, such as personal records, which could be sold or exploited for profit. The hackers do not just crack down, they also put much pressure on software developments and internet based businesses to improve and their security procedures and make their product less vulnerable to hacking. It seems that hacking is a reasonable because it helps to developed the technology and stay people alert on security purpose.

Hackers attack others computer remotely that are via by the internet. Hackers use wide varieties of methods to infiltrate computers that includes virus, malware, Trojan and worm. The Government Intervention against hacking says, white “hat” hackers mean who also break into networks without authorization, usually have more identical goals; for example, a white hat hacker might infiltrate a network in order to discover its security weakness, and then inform the networks operators of those weakness so they can be fixed. In same way, some other hackers believe and concern that hacking is improving computer systems and did not necessarily have malicious intent, indeed, the term “hack” initially had many positive connotations and was applied to variety of intellectual activities. On the other hand, everyone would not probably believes that hacking has had given us some of the positive things to humans. In the same sense, hacking remains a particularly controversial and complex issue. Malicious hackers, called "black hats", break into computer networks in order to steal potentially valuable information (such as...

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