Computer Fraud and Techniques

Topics: Computer, Wi-Fi, E-mail Pages: 4 (1096 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Computer Fraud and Abuse Techniques
Using software to collect web-surfing and spending data and forward it to advertising or media organizations. It also causes banner ads to pop up on computer monitors as the Internet is surfed. Bluebugging

Taking control of someone else’s phone to make calls, send text messages, listen to their phone calls, or read their text messages. Bluesnarfing
Stealing contact lists, images, and other data using Bluetooth. Botnet, bot herders
A network of hijacked computers. Hackers, called bot herders, that control the hijacked computers, called zombies, use them in a variety of Internet attacks Chipping
Planting a chip that records transaction data in a legitimate credit card reader. Click fraud
Clicking on-line ads numerous times to inflate advertising bills. Cyber-extortion
Requiring a company to pay a specified amount of money to keep the extortionist from harming the company electronically. Data diddling
Changing data before, during, or after it is entered into the system. Data leakage
Copying company data, such as computer files, without permission. Denial-of-service attack
Sending e-mail bombs (hundreds of messages per second) from randomly generated false addresses. The recipient’s internet service provider e-mail server is overloaded and shuts down. Dictionary attack

Using software to guess company addresses and send them blank e-mails. Unreturned messages are valid addresses that are added to spammer e-mail lists. Eavesdropping
Listening to private voice or data transmissions, often using a wiretap. Economic espionage
The theft of information, trade secrets, and intellectual property. E-mail threats
Sending a threatening message asking the recipient to do something that makes it possible to defraud them. Evil twin
A wireless network with the same name as a local wireless access point. The hacker disables the legitimate access point, users unknowingly re-connect to the evil twin, and hackers monitor the...
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