Instant Messaging and Search Engine

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Answer the following questions in 200 to 300 words:
oHow does e-mail benefit an organization? Why might an organization want to limit how an employee uses e-mail during work hours? What is an e-mail’s path once it leaves an organization?

The way e-mail benefits an organization is that the employees are able to talk to someone right away; another good benefit is that persons are able to mix their personal and business time together by trading stocks talk to customers about personal things that may not overcharge the customer.

The reason an employee might want to limit how an employee uses e-mail during work hours is that it may use lots of bandwidth which in turn will slow down your network. The other reason is that you don’t know what your employee is sending out could be company documents, could be a nasty joke, or could even be something that would make the company looks bad.

Once an e-mail leaves an organization it has the company’s logo and also it goes into the companies out folder to were managers can review and hold on to it. Once the e-mail leaves it goes onto the World Wide Web and it cannot be stop or even canceled.

oWhat is the effect of instant messaging on organizational networks? What are benefits and drawbacks of using instant messaging in an organization?

The effect of instant messaging on organizational networks is it is lower bandwidth also you can talk to someone instantly and data can be stored instantly if I company wants to talk advantage of lowering their inventory companies can link inventory to smart phones which can help keep track of inventory while people are out in the field.

The advantage of using instant messaging is that you can talk to anyone that is online right away to get an answer or to help keep track of inventory if a phone is not available and if someone is in the field that person can keep track of the inventory that may be back in the office or in the warehouse. The disadvantage of instant...
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