Ais Ch. 11

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1. Usually targeting the accounting department, these attacks are electronic theft of very small amounts numerous times, such as rounding of fractions of a cent from interest calculationsF. salami attacks 2. A form of social engineering, the attacker fishes for sensitive, private data, such as using an authentic-looking fraudulent Web siteH. phishing 3. Attacks involving manipulating and tricking individuals into divulging confidential information, such as imposter emailsG. social engineering 4. Social engineering attacks that involve creating a scenario and using deception for information gathering purposesD. pretexting 5. Rummaging through garbage for discarded documents or digital mediaI. dumpster diving 6. Attempts to obtain passwords by reading messages sent on a networkE. password sniffing 7. Involves collecting, examining, and preventing evidence of cybercrimeC. cyber forensics 8. Crimes connected to information assets and ITA. cybercrime 9. Laws and regulations to prevent, investigate, and prosecute cybercrimesB. cyberlaw

1. Malicious software that executes when a specified event occurs, such a logging into a bank accountD. logic bombs 2. Malware sent by email that can be a virus, Trojan horse, worms, logic bombs, or botsF. spam 3. Malware disguised as a legitimate programB. Trojan horse 4. Tiny pieces of programming code that install themselves on an infected computer called a Zombie and transmit data back to the hackers’ computer without awareness of the Zombie computer userE. bots 5. Relatively small programs that infect other application software by attaching to it and disturbing application functioningA. viruses 6. Similar to viruses except they do not need a host application to function or reproduceC. worms

1. A small sequence of programming code inserted into a program to fix an error or add a new featureF. patch 2. Network hardware and softwareC. network architecture
3. Application software executing...
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