Computer Change My Life

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 computer change my life In the past 20 years, with the development of economy and technology, computer has become a very important part of people's life. For me, I cannot live without computer today because it has quite various uses and has made my life easier and convenient. For example, I would like to use it to search for information, to communicate with other people and to receive education. First of all, computer is a very effective tool to search and collect information. Most of books, data or news can be found on the Internet, I do not need to waste lots of time to look for the information in the library. Also, information updates very quickly on the internet, I can acquire the newest knowledge very fast. At the same time, computer offers me much related information about the news which I want to know. In addition, computer gives me an easy way to communicate with my families and friends. For instance, I talk with my parents and friends every day by skype on the computer instead of calling them by phone. On the computer, we talk to each other just like face to face, I can see them reality and feel their emotion better. Besides, I like to use the social network in my free time like facetime. I have already made many friends from all over the world through it. Finally, computer gives me more opportunity to receive education. I can learn knowledge not only from my school, but also from other excellent school. When I was study in high school, I often watched some famous teachers' course videos from other school. It made me very excited and inspired my way of thinking. All in all, computer has changed my life a lot. It made me search information quickly, give me an easy way to communicate with other people and more chance to receive education.
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