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Name: Legaspi, John Philip M. Mr. F. Tonquin
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What is Macromedia Flash

Macromedia was an American graphics and web development software company (1992–2005) headquartered in San Francisco, California that produced such products as Flash and Dreamweaver. Its rival, Adobe Systems, acquired Macromedia on December 3, 2005.

Macromedia Flash is a multimedia platform that is used to create stand-alone and web animations and applications that are interactive. Flash content can be manipulated, using the scripting language Action Script, in different ways and on a number of devices including mobile phones.

Macromedia which was the original creators of Flash was bought by adobe a long time ago, flash is a a coding language you can create animations in, you can also use it to create good looking web pages, flash is also the movies you see on Youtube, it's good and a standard in many areas on the web, have a look on Im sure they have a demo you could try out for free, they also have the prices on their webpage, also have a look at shockwave which is a more advanced than flash, it can be used to create computer games and more.

Flash is a platform for enriching websites with embedded animations and movies. The most common uses for Flash on the Internet are advertisements and games. Formerly known as "Macromedia Flash," Adobe changed the name to "Adobe Flash" after acquiring Macromedia in 2005. In 2011, designers use "Adobe Flash CS5" to create Flash projects. Older versions of Flash share a similar basic layout to CS5 but the newest version has the most functionality and features. There are four basic parts of the Flash work area.

Parts of Macromedia Flash and their Functions

The Stage
• Designers call the main work area at the center of Flash the "Stage." This is where you would place all visible elements. When you play the Flash file, the

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