ICT Cambridge Tech AS - Unit 17 - P1 (Passed)

Topics: Mass media, Idea, Media studies Pages: 6 (2601 words) Published: October 26, 2013
P1 – Summarise accurately the principles of interactive media authoring with some appropriate use of subject terminology. In this report there will be an overview explaining and talking about the tools used for interactive media authoring, the production process, the uses of interactive media authoring, the delivery formats of interactive media authoring products, the elements which will be included for creating the product and the interactivity and control methods which will be used. Definition of tools used for interactive media authoring:

Director Flash is a program and a multimedia application which can be used to create games and interactive products which allows the creator to be the director and the program can support both 2D and 3D projects. The advantages of using director flash is that it can be easily integrated with other 3D programs such as Maya and True space, it also has free unlimited publishing of content whether that would be on a CD, USB or on the internet. When it comes to disadvantages of this software the price is a big issue when it retails at £292.74, it also requires some skill to use and is not so simple and straight forward as you have to learn the basics and then work your way up. Dreamweaver is web development application created and sold by Adobe systems, Websites are created by writing code and including flash elements such as video’s and animations. One reason to use Dreamweaver is because it makes it easy for you to write clean code although writing a webpage in code is also not necessary as you can create a website without it, it is also ideal to use Dreamweaver because of its fluid grid layout in the included CSS designer tool, the grid layout makes it easier to create a more dynamic and visually interesting webpage. A let down for Dreamweaver is that although it is seen as a very good web design program it does come at a very expensive price, Dreamweaver is also considered useless and a waste of time if you are not using code as a lot of good features require it to be used. Mediator is a multimedia authoring tool that allows you to create interactive CD-ROM presentations, dynamic HTML pages and Flash projects. Mediator is now the leading multimedia authoring software for creating very professional presentations, without the use of any coding or scripting. One advantage of using mediator is that no programming skills are required, most of the program involves a drag and drop style of use. It is also a very good program as you can export with one click to many different formats such as Flash, CD-ROM and HTML. One down side to using mediator is the price, it does come at very heft price of around £375, it also can only be used on Windows and not on Mac OS meaning it is very restricted to one type of user.

Expression builder is a tool used to create and build expressions using all inputs and list of available functions and objects, expressions are used in formulas to carry out specific functions which are required in Microsoft access. An advantage of using expression builder is that it can help to do long and tedious calculations for you and all you have to do is enter a few values and text and the tool will do everything for you. Another advantage is that it comes free and built in with Microsoft Access so there are no extra or hidden costs. A disadvantage is that expression builder which comes with Microsoft Access can not be used on Apple Mac computers and Microsoft does not plan on expanding to their operating system.

The production process:
Conceptualisation is the process of coming with ideas and new inventions which can lead to new concepts, it is a key part of the process as it is where all the ideas come together and sets out what needs to be done and when using deadlines. If you did not have conceptualisation/planning you would be struggling to find ideas and you would not have a plan to go by meaning it is more likely to make mistakes during the actual production because...
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