Components of Police Report

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Components of Police Report
There are several components of a typical police report that need to be completed when filled in. First you will need to summarize and make sure to communicate in a clear and succinct manner. Second you will need to describe the scene and the state the alleged crime in occurring in. Also who was involved in the crime, as long as when and where did the crime take place with specific details. While filling out a police report, make sure you use simple language, because it might seem strange but if you state information using big words there are going to be people who will not understand what you are saying. Make sure you include all statements from any victims or witnesses, and have to be word for word from what they said. They will need to state the statement just to verify what we have them saying is accurate and they can’t change their story when it comes time to a trial or any other time. When gathering this information make sure you obtain all information regarding to witnesses or victims, regarding address, phone numbers, drivers license numbers, etc so we are able to contact them for any reason. Police Report for Scenario

First I would summarize what happened, as well as describing the scene. I will entail that it happened in the parking lot of the shopping center. While my partner and I are on surveillance at a local office supply store we received a tip that a store might have been robbed after closing. Next we received a sketch of two Asian men who might have been involved in the other robberies in the surrounding counties. After receiving the sketch the dispatcher notifies us of a lady supposedly hearing a gunshot, so we head on over. When we arrive the lady informs us that she heard a gunshot and it was supposedly an Asian man who carried the gun. With having the sketch of an Asian man with some robberies we immediately took action with the one we saw coming out of the building. While taking action the Asian female is...

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