Competency Statement II

Topics: Developmental psychology, A Great Way to Care, Play Pages: 1 (419 words) Published: February 10, 2015
Competency Statement II: To advance physical and intellectual competence I teach according to this standard so my students will have a good start on their physical and intellectual education. I prepare age appropriate learning experiences in all areas to enrich their learning environment. CSII a: I choose riding tricycles to aide in my classes’ physical development. Riding tricycles requires upper body and lower body strength as well as works on hand eye coordination. I feel like this is vital developmental milestone for preschoolers and is also fun. I have enough for every child so that there is no conflict with other classmates, and the kids really enjoy it. CSII b: I think the alphabet matching cards I used in my language and literacy learning experience help support my classes’ cognitive development by mixing up the letters and pictures and encouraging them to think and look through the cards to find the right one. The can use try trial an error, but eventually they will memorize and learn the letters. CSII c: I used apple print painting from my creative learning experience to help support my class in their creative development. They get to use slices of apple to paint any picture they would like, using all sorts of different colors. They can make apple prints or use the apple prints to paint a house if they choose. The apple slices are perfect for their hand size and there is enough apple slices for each color of paint. There are many ways I help promote communication and language development of my class. I ask them open ended questions, and encourage them to use their words like “are you thirsty”, “what is wrong” and “how would you play with that?” . We also read a lot of stories and then I encourage them to retell it for me. I let them use a flannel board to retell the story in their words. We write stories together, and then let them draw the pictures. In my classroom we use pictures and words to label the shelves and toys. This helps them know that...
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