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Competency Statement 4

Topics: Family, Parent, Interpersonal relationship, The Child, Father, Sibling / Pages: 2 (456 words) / Published: Apr 25th, 2014
My teaching practice helps meet this statement on having a positive, responsive, cooperative relationship with each child’s family by knowing each family members and greeting them by name. I am able to invite families to take part in program activities. I am able to help families understand the importance of play for children. I am also able to empathize with families around stressful areas of parenting, such as lack of sleep, illness, challenging behaviors and I am able to provide support and suggestions when needed or asked.
How I ensure that families are kept aware of what’s happening in their child’s daily/ or weekly life in my program is by having room displays such as photos and posters of the children interacting with each other and bulletin boards of their artwork all around my center. I would also post pictures of the children dancing and laughing around my class to show the parents the fun things we do. I would also post pictures of them working to show the children’s parents that my children are getting educated and that my children are learning. I am also able to provide the families with my weekly agenda of what the children and I will be working on. I can also exchange emails with the families to communicate via email, if they have any questions we can also exchange numbers. I can also provide daily reports of the child’s daily progress. I can also include and struggle the child has had during the day.
How I ensure that I am aware of what’s going on in a child’s life is by building relationships with the child’s families. The way I would build relationships is by inviting families to the facility for events like career day which a parent or family member can share their careers with the children and talk about their responsibilities and interact with them. I would also build relationships by inviting the families over for holidays like thanksgiving which the families can bring their special dishes, they can also talk about their cultures if they like. I would also earn their trust so they can be open with me and let me know what’s going on and or if theirs is any problems going on in the child’s life. I would also have a day in which the child may bring their favorite person like their brother/ sister, their grandma/ grandpa which I would be able to know and recognize the child’s other close family (other than their mother/ father) this way I can get to know the child’s surroundings at home and be able to understand the child’s actions as well.

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