Competency Statement

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Competency Goal 5
To promote involvement and positive relationships with families and communities.
To promote involvement and positive relationships with families and communities I believe that an open door policy is essential to have. I would do this by talking with the parents every day at drop off and pick up time. During the morning drop off time I would be able to find out how the previous afternoon went, if I wasn't there to see it myself, and how the child slept the previous night. I could also find out whether or not the child ate breakfast. During afternoon pick up time I would be able to tell the parent how the child's day went. I would also keep daily sheets for each child that would include bathroom breaks, what and how much the child ate throughout the day, as well as any concerns or questions I might have about the child. Another way I would keep the open door policy is by sending home a weekly newsletter informing the parents of what would be going on that week in the classroom. I would encourage parents to call the center or stop by to see how things are going for the child. I know that when parents are working they, often times, wonder about the child's day. By calling or stopping by they are able to peek in on the child and get updates are how the day is going. I would also encourage parents to attend any special event that the child is apart of, such as Christmas programs. The parents would, also, be more than welcome to have lunch with the child on his or her birthday if they are available to do so. I believe that, as a teacher, it is important to be the support system for the child while he or she is at school and while the parents are away at work. If the parents are working on something, such as using manners or potty training, I would be more than willing to help them by reinforcing that task while the child is at school. It is very important for both the child and the parents to have consistency in their daily routine. I believe that by

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