Compensation and Benefit in Domino's Pizza

Topics: Franchising, Pizza delivery, Domino's Pizza Pages: 4 (1299 words) Published: March 19, 2006
Domino's Pizza is one of the world biggest companies of pizza production and delivery. The company was founded in the USA in 1960 by Tom Monaghan. Since that time Domino's Pizza Company became one of the leading fast food delivery companies in the world: "We have been delivering quality, affordable pizza to our customers since 1960 when brothers Thomas and James Monaghan borrowed $900 and purchased a small pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Since that time, our store count and geographic reach have grown substantially" (Domino's Pizza). Domino's Pizza combines some methods of international expansion and development, but there are some most effective ones which provide the best penetration to the international markets. The paper will discuss the system and sources of compensation and benefit in Domino's Pizza in the United States. The paper will also critically appraise the current strategy and give appropriate recommendations for further development. The system and sources of compensation and benefit in Domino's Pizza The compensation and benefit systems of Domino's Pizza in the United States are tightly connected with its methods of international expansion. The most important parts of the system are licensing and franchising: "We have developed a large, global, diversified, and committed franchise network that is a critical component of our system-wide success and our leading position in pizza delivery. As of March 21, 2004, our franchise store network consisted of 6,878 stores, 63% of which were located in the contiguous United States" (Domino's Pizza). These system has doubtless advantages namely for such global international company as Domino's Pizza. The franchise system allows minimizing such negative barriers of international expansion as language barrier, local governmental measures, and the registration of trademark. The system also provides the adaptation of Domino's Pizza rights and regulations to the cultural differentiations of various countries....

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