Domino's Australia Case Study

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Domino's Pizza Australia
(29 September 2014)



Paper:BSCM 4.720 Business Strategy and Change Management

Word Count:3,703

Executive Summary
The objective of this report is to analyze the business situation wherein Domino's operates in the market and to obtain an understanding on the strategic analysis tools that can be used to acquire a new competitive advantage against their major rivals such as Pizza Hut, Eagle Boys, La Porchetta, etc. The intent of the assignment is to learn the factors that caused increase in profitability and sales and defining the actions necessary to further improve the QSR segment rank. The strategic management tools used are PESTEL ANALYSIS including the identification of the Key Drivers and the relative Scenario Building, and SWOT Matrix. Recommendations have highlighted several concrete suggestions for positive outcomes.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1
1.0 Description of the Industry ---------------------------------------------------------------- 3
1.1 Brief Description of Domino’s Australia ------------------------------------------- 4
.2 Main Rivals of Domino’s Australia ------------------------------------------------- 5
2.0 Strategy of Domino’s Australia ----------------------------------------------------------- 5
3.0 Macro Analysis ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
.1 PESTEL Analysis --------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
.2 Key Drivers ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
.3 Scenario Building --------------------------------------------------------------------- 10
4.0 SWOT Matrix ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11
5.0 Advertisement ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13
6.0 Conclusions and Recommendations ----------------------------------------------------- 15
References ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17

1.0 Description of the Industry

Pizza is one of Australia's most sought-after fresh and easy-meal solutions. Domino's pizza contains standardized ingredients such as vegetables, meats, and dough that is freshly made. Domino's Enterprise functions within the quick service pizza restaurant and is known for its legendary handmade pizza products, baked sandwiches and stuffed cheesy crusts. Besides pioneering the efficiency of delivery, they had continuously executed several innovative pizza delivery methods that had made impact in the industry and had influenced the other industries such as the Domino's Heatwave Hotbag, A Better Box, Spoodle, Domino's Profiles, Pizza Tracker and Builder, etc. Their solid distribution system allowed their retailers to focus on making and transporting pizzas. Domino's generated a central distribution and dough industrialized systems to alleviate stores from extensive hours of producing dough and preparing cheese and toppings. The Domino's Supply Chain Services (SCS) reliably sustain the company's delicious pizza by supplying extremely good quality ingredients countrywide.

Domino's is “Not Just a Pizza Restaurant Anymore.” In 2008, they launched their selection of baked sandwiches and toasts. Pasta and choco lava cakes for desserts were introduced in 2009 and in 2010, a complete set of new recipes with new sauces, cheese, and crust was introduced. They revamped their menu in 2011 by introducing modern recipes for chicken wings and two additional bread side bites.

1.1 Brief Description of Domino's

Domino's is established over 50 years ago and is owned by Domino's Pizza Inc, an enlisted US company. The Australian store...

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