Comparisons and Contrasts Between the Bible and the Koran

Topics: Sura, David, Book of Genesis Pages: 7 (3024 words) Published: April 13, 2008

The topic that I have chosen to discuss describes the comparisons and contrasts between the Bible and the Koran. As there are many, I only go into detail about a few. I discuss the importance of the Bible and its significance to Christians, as well as the Koran and its significance to Muslims. Afterwards, I compare the similarities as well as the differences in the Bible and the Koran, in relation to three chosen events that appear in both books. I then go on to give a synopsis in the conclusion of my work.

Comparisons and Contrasts between the Bible and the Koran

The Koran and the Bible are both sacred religious books. Yet, they both have many differences, as well as many similarities. The two books resemble each other in the manner in which they contain certain facts referring to eschatology, the devil as a figure of evil, prayer, miracles, God having a relationship with humans, and Immaculate Conception, along with many other similarities. Some of the differences that I have discovered include those that refer to the belief in trinity, crucifixion, days of worship, salvation, the Holy Spirit, the wearing of gold and secular governments. Although this may sound very strange, it seems as though most of the similarities in both the Bible and the Koran help to construct the differences in both. Though many of the ideas and events are similar, the way in which the ideas and events are carried out are different. This is why both the Bible and the Koran are so unique. However, despite the similarities and differences, Christians hold their belief only in the Bible and Muslims only in the Koran. There is no interchanging, as it refers to the Christian or Muslim faiths. This is yet another reason why both are so unique. As it is mentioned in both the Bible and the Koran, I will discuss the similarities and differences relating to the creation of humanity, Noah and the flood, Joseph as he appears in both of these sacred books, Cain and Abel also known as Qabil and Habil, and lastly, David and Goliath also known as Dawud and Jalut . The similarities will be addressed first, followed by the differences between these events as they appear in both texts.

There are several events that are present in both books in some form. The Biblical versions are concerned mainly with narrative and detail, while the Koran’s version is much more concerned with the stories as parables and moral teachings; often containing little detail. The first event that appears in both books is the creation of humanity. This story appears in Genesis 2:4-4:1 in the Bible. It appears in many verses in the Koran: verses 30-39 of Sura 2:, verses 11-25 of Sura 7: verses 26-42 of Sura 15:, verses 61-65 of Sura 17:, verses 50-51 of Sura 18, verses 110-124 of Sura 20:, and verses 71-85 of Sura 38. The Biblical version of the creation of humanity states that after God makes the heavens and the earth he makes a man, named Adam. When this is done, God gives Adam life. He then puts Adam into the Garden of Eden, which contains trees, fruit, and a river for watering. Then God creates a companion for Adam, Eve. The serpent, who is also residing in the Garden, starts to deceive Eve into eating the fruit. Eventually, they both eat the forbidden fruit off of the tree that God distinctly asked them not to eat. They each realize that they are naked and begin to hide once they hear God coming. God tells Eve that because she has been disobedient, she will bear great pains during childbirth. He tells Adam that because of his deeds, he will suffer through painful toil all his life in order to have food. Following these events, God drives them both from the Garden.

The Koran has a slightly different version of the creation of humanity. It begins by stating that God tells the angels that he is going to create a vicegerent on Earth. God then creates Adam. He brings Adam to the garden, where all angels and jinns reside. One angel, by the name of Iblis, refuses to...
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