Comparison on Egypt and Mesopotamia

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Pharaoh Pages: 1 (560 words) Published: October 27, 2014

In the life of Egypt and Mesopotamia there were similarities and differences. There are comparisons in culture, social class, and gender. Also parallelism in their religions existed however, the differences found, clearly define them as individual entities. In Egypt the social class was not so different than Mesopotamia’s. Egypt had social classes that were hierarchy. At the top of their social class it was the pharaohs and priests. Next came the artists, merchants, lesser priests, farmers, and then the slaves. Women were not treated equal to men but they had more rights than in other societies. Several queens, women pharaohs, and Nephritides were the first to have more rights than others. In Mesopotamia they also had many social classes that were hierarchy. At the top of the social class they had the ruling family, high ranking officials, nobility, and important priests. Next were the artists, merchants, lesser priests, and scribes. Finally the farmers, peasants, and slaves were at the bottom. Women were not treated equal to men and had fewer rights than women in Egypt. Egypt and Mesopotamia had quite some differences in the comparison of gender. Women in Egypt were not treated equal to men but had more rights than other societies. They could sell, buy, and manage property. They also could work outside of their houses. Women were very dependent on their husbands to make decisions. It was not uncommon for a husband to beat his wife. In Mesopotamia women were not treated equal to men. They were not viewed as individuals and did not often work outside of the home. Women did have the ability to divorce and manage property under certain circumstances as time went on. Men were responsible to bring in food from hunting; they were higher up in the social classes, were the head of the household and in charge of the government. Women from Egypt and Mesopotamia were alike in that women were expected to take care of the household and both had a low status compared to...
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