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What action could you take for the vacation several weeks in advance? Online travel websites provide reasonable solutions through one-stop service covering reservations for flights, cruises, hotels or car rentals. Travel planning that now only takes a couple of minutes without striking a blowing once took hours. For planning your trips or journeys all you have to do are just a few mouse clicks. The convenience and efficiency that travel websites bring to us improve the quality of life undoubtedly. As a significant portion of traveling, hotel accommodation decides how satisfied you are with your trip and travel website to a great extent.

According to the J. D. Power and Associates 2012 Independent Travel Website Satisfaction Report (Brown, 2012), there came a ranked list of travel booking sites including almost all market leaders based on consumers’ comprehensive satisfaction with their user experience. Even though was an affiliate of Expedia, Inc., it was still the fifth most satisfied booking website, higher ranked than which is the main brand of Expedia, Inc. The similar situation also appeared between and which ranked highest in satisfaction is part of The essay will focus on these two excellent websites and, indicate overall reviews and side-by-side comparisons on how well these organizations support electronic business features, figure out the best practice website features and also express some of my thoughts about ICT and electronic business in the aspect of hotel reservation.

Background, the hotel specialist providing consumers a one-stop shopping choice of over 240,000 hotels and accommodations worldwide, was founded in 1991 as hotel reservations network. Its parent company Expedia, Inc. is the largest online travel company across the world. Expedia, Inc. Report displayed that revenue increased by 17% year-over-year for the Q3 of 2013 profiting from the growth in hotel room nights mainly. Primarily driven by, Brand Expedia and eLong, gross booking grew 15% for the Q3 of 2013. (Expedia, Inc., 2013)

Figure 1 Expedia, Inc. and its brands

Another leader in global online travel reservations The Priceline Group is composed of five primary brands including As the number one online accommodation booking website around the world, was established in 1996 offering over 423,579 properties in 193 countries. Jeffery H. Boyd, Chairman and Chief Executive officer of The Priceline Group announced that 36% room night growth for the Group was achieved by and Agoda in the Report for the Q3 of 2013. (The Priceline Group, 2013)

Figure 2 The Priceline Group and its brands

As mentioned above, both of the quarter reports reflected the outstanding performance of either or on reservations for accommodations. A list ranked by estimated visits showed how attractive the two sites are during October 2013. As was expected, won 108million visits in a month in the first place and came third with 29.3million visits (Clampet, 2013). According to Internet Travel Hotel Booking Statistics, 57% of all travel reservations were made on the internet and in 2012 the annual online travel sales reached up to 162.4billion dollars 39% of which owed to hotel reservations (eTrack, 2013). In the foreseeable future, online hotel reservations industry still leave much to be desired.

Comparisons between the two websites
As the representative hotel booking websites, both of and gain and sustain the leading positions in the global marketplace. What is beyond doubt is that they have remarkable competitive advantages in online hotel reservations industry. This section would evaluate the two web sites for a full range of comparative analysis...

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