Comparision and Contrast

Topics: Higher education, College, Academic degree Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: April 15, 2013
4 Year University vs. Community College
While many times it is not about the grades and getting into college, it is all about the other aspects including money issues, the consideration of maturity and independence and whether or not a major has been determined and selected. Community College and four year Universities are both excellent choices and have their own distinct merits, but are meant for vastly different people. If a person has a pre-determined career path in mind such as a doctor, then they should pursue a medical program in a four year University. Yet, if someone is not prepared to leave home or has absolute goals in mind, then Community College would be a much better choice for that particular individual. The education that Community College provides varies greatly from that of a four year university. While many people believe that University is the better choice, Community Colleges tend to have fewer students per class, which means closer relationships and more student/teacher interaction. This is a benefit for those students who appreciate access to their instructors so they can ask questions and avoid getting lost in the 'mix'. Fewer student to teacher ratio means more one on one time with student and teacher, which enhances student learning. It additionally means more recognition per student and individual teaching. At Universities there is much less one on one time. Classrooms and lecture halls are filled to capacity with hundreds of students per one teacher. Although, Community College cannot provide students with the same degrees that Universities can, most general education coursework that a University requires of its freshmen and sophomores can be taken at any Community College. At a University you can be educated to achieve and obtain any degree: they offer Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees and Doctorates. Therefore, Community College and Universities offer different types of education regarding the types of degrees you can earn. In...
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