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Topics: North West Company, Red River Colony, Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk Pages: 3 (469 words) Published: January 23, 2014

Lord Selkirk
Research Assignment

The names of the original (shareholders) of the NWC and the HBC

Simon McTavish
Duncan McGillivray
William McGavillvray
Benjiman Frobisher
Joseph Frobisher
Charles Paterson
James McGill
Isaac Todd
Robert Grant
George McBeath
Nicholas Montour
Peter Pond
Patrick Small
William Holmes
Normand MacLeod
Peter Pangman
Alexander Mackenzie

Sir George Carteret
Robert Boyle
Sir Peter Colleton
Sir Robert Vyner
Francis Millington
John Fenn
John Portman
Anthony Ashley Cooper
William Craven
Henry Bennet
George Monck
Sir James Hayes
Sir Edward Hungerford
Sir John Robinson
Sir John Griffith
Sir Paul Neile
William Prettyman
Sir John Kirke

The Legal Court Battle between the HBC and the NWC

In 1820 both companies were suffering financially and the Senior Management of both of the companies discussed a merger. On March 26, 1821 the final agreement was reached. It was put together by: Andrew Colville representing the HBC and Simon McGavillvray and Edward Ellice representing the NWC. By the terms of agreement both companies pooled their assets valued at £200,000 each. The new merged company would operate under the name of The Hudson’s Bay Company and under its Charter. New shares were distributed to a joint board made up of HBC men and Nor’Westers, as well as Ellice McGillvray, the Montreal partners and Lord Selkirk’s estate. Lord Selkirk Bibliography

Thomas Douglas, The 5th Earl of Selkirk was born on St Mary’s Isle, Scotland June 20th 1771 and died at Pau, France April 8th 1820. He was the youngest son in his large family and he unexpectedly became the next in line to the title and with his fathers death he looked to make his mark in the world. He found his place in the sponsorship of displaced Highlanders to settlements in BNA. He helped many Scottish people who didn’t have home to find them in Canada. Thomas Douglas helped...
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