Compare the Process of Indpendance in at Least Two Latin American Countries, What Was Different and Why?

Topics: Mexico, Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, Mexican War of Independence Pages: 6 (2303 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Compare the process of indpendance in at least two latin American countries, what was different and why?

Without a doubt the catalyst for all polictiacal and economics change in south America in the niteenth and eighteenth century was the weakening and finaly destruction of the spansih colonial rule. The insavasion of napoleon created a crisis of crowns legitanacy, this subsequently resulted in the start or revolutions all over south America. Society in both argentian and mexico reacted in similar ways, society divided creating different political functions which douted the legitimacy of the junta. In Argentina an invasion of the british weaken crowns authority, the currenty viceroy Rafael de sobremonte appointed by the king fled during the conflict. After the conflict and the retreatment of the british Rafael de sobremonte was not allow to regain power. An open cabildo appointed a no viceroy Santiago de liniers this was the first time a viceroy had been appointed by local insistuation and not by the king. However he was latter approved by the king. The capture of in 1808 trigered the start large amounts of political opposition to liniers, mostly down to him creating the supreme and governing junta of the kingdom. This divided the viceroyalty in to factions with different political views. On the one hand the conservatives who believed that Spanish rule should remain, and liberals who supported liniers actions. The first person to take his oppositions into action was Franciso Javier de elio who appointed himself head of junta in Montevideo. Along with Martin de alzagar they organised a mutiny again Liniers. The mutiny was however deafeated by Liniers as he had backing from the military who initially had approved the appointment of the liniers as the viceroy. On the other hand in mexico the viceroy jose de inturrigarray was appointed directly from the king, when he and oppostunity to strenghthen his authority because of the collapse of the monarch. He organised a serious of meeting to discuss the ayuntamientos proposal to form a governing junta. This however only highlighted the fact that there where two opposing sides the penisulares vs the americanos. The debate was violent and ended on the night of September the 15 1808 in a coup detat where the viceroy was imprisoned by peninsulares. This was the first time the people appeared on the political scène pressuring the army into evicting the viceroy. There is a clear difference here between aregentia and mexico, in argentina the viceroyal was appointed by the local institution on the other hand in mexico the viceroy had been appointed by king. This results in a very different oucome when both viceroys decide to gain power try to form a governing junta in aiming to liberate the country from colonial rule. Liniers being appointed by local institution ie people of the country ment that he had the support of the military when he encounted opposition which allowed liniers to defeat the mutiny from Francisco Javier de elio who was allied with Martin Alzaga. An important point to consider between the two processes of independence was how Argentina has alot let rebellions from the people, they took alot less action compared to the Mexican people in their process of independence. Its important distinguish how this difference effects the process of independence. The first time that the people appeared on the schene was when the people of spain took their initiative when they saw the submission of their country and king to the French invaders. The people faught with everything they to fight of napoleon. These actions from the the people was a model that was copied in south America when people opposing the colonial order where confronted with their militaries. This creating alot of opposition to the colonial order when people started to stand up for their belives and most importantly take initiative. However it depends on your talking about, different countries experienced...
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