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Ap Wh Chapter 25 Reading Guide Questions

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Ap Wh Chapter 25 Reading Guide Questions
Chapter 25 Reading Guide Questions- “The Consolidation of Latin America, 1830-1920”

1. What philosophical values did Latin American leaders share with Western leaders?

2. How did both the American and French Revolutions set examples for Latin America?

3. Who led the revolt and independence movement in Haiti?
4. How did Napoleon’s activities in Europe lead to many independence movements in Latin America?

5. Who was Simon Bolivar? What was Gran Colombia?

6. Where did Jose the San Martin lead the independence struggle?

7. Briefly describe Brazil’s independence struggle & outcome?

8. How is Brazil’s story different from the rest of Latin America? Who was the leader?

9. Though most independence leaders had shared Enlightenment ideals, how did they differ on religion? on slavery?

10. Why did the original LARGE nations of newly freed Latin America break up? (Except Brazil)

11. Who were the caudillos? Why did they make new governments in Latin America unstable?

12. Stearns seems to blame Latin American political instability on a colonial heritage, do you agree or disagree with his assessment? Why?

13. How did the Monroe Doctrine operate? Even though it was US policy- why did Britain enforce it?

14. How did Latin American leaders try to integrate these nations into the world economy in the 1800s?

15. What French philosopher influenced many Latin American leaders?
16. Name his philosophy. Why do you think it was so appealing the leaders of these new nations?

17. Why were some of these efforts at modernization & economic progress met with great resistance by the people of Latin America?

18. Which 3countries constitutions influenced Mexico’s new 1824 constitution?

19. What caudillo became President/Dictator of Mexico?
20. What is Manifest Destiny?

21. What was the outcome of the US-Mexico War?

22. What was La Reforma? 23. How did Napoleon III of France become involved in Mexican politics?

24. How did Mexico end up with an Austrian Archduke as an Emperor?

25. Why did Sarmiento admire Europe and the US?

26. Why did slavery persist in Brazil? When did it finally end?

27. What was the status of women in 19th Century Latin America?

28. Why did lower-class women enjoy some limited freedom?

29. What happened to racial caste system in Latin America? Did it persist?

30. Why did Latin America experience a massive economic boom in the late 19th Century?

31. What products were exported? Imported?

32. Which countries made major investments in Latin American economies in the Late 1800s?

33. Describe the activities of the U.S. in the Spanish American War.

34. How did the U.S. come to create the Panama Canal? Why?

35. How might the various U.S. activities & involvements in Latin America lead to mistrust/criticism?

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