Compare and Contrast Two People Whom You Admire

Topics: Teacher, Belief, Motivation Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: March 25, 2011
Compare and contrast two people whom you admire.

I believe that human will only keep on moving when there is a motivator for them. For me, what motivates me to be a kind and helpful person are the two people whom I admire. One of them is Ms. Kelly, my English teacher when I was in Standard Six, and the other one is Madam Tan, the aunty who lives next to my house.

Ms. Kelly is a very kind person. She always teaches us to help those people who are in needs and she also never tired in helping people. For example, one of my friend’s family situation wasn’t so good and therefore Ms. Kelly buy him breakfast almost every morning. She hopes that my friend will not feel hungry during the school time and it can help him to be more concentrate in his studies.

Madam Tan is also a very kind-hearted lady. Although she was not very high-educated, she always teaches me and also her kids to help other people. During weekends, she will visit to the orphanage and help the workers to teach the children and also playing with them. Madam Tan also always invites me and my family to be a volunteer and join her to do social works.

Although Ms. Kelly and Madam Tan both influence me to be a kind person, there are still some differences between two of them. Firstly, Ms. Kelly is a gentle and quite person while Madam Tan is an active person. Ms. Kelly is not talkative, she usually spends her time by reading or gardening near her house during evening. In contrast, Madam Tan is an outgoing person and she has lots of hobbies like travelling, jogging, dancing, etc.

Moreover, Ms. Kelly is a Christian while Madam Tan is an Atheist. Ms. Kelly is very sincere with her belief and she will go to church every Sunday for praying. On the other hand, Madam Tan is never believes in any religion since she was very young. She just believes in human ethics and she really agrees that as a human, we have to do the right things for everyone’s sake.

To sum up, although Ms. Kelly and Madam Tan...
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