Compare and Contrast the Toolkit Used by Hunter-Gatherers with That Used by Farmers.

Topics: Agriculture, Gather, The Gathering, Stone Age, Fruit, Human / Pages: 2 (339 words) / Published: Jun 29th, 2013
The tools which were used by hunter-gatherers to survive are more primitive than those of the farmers. The hunter-gatherers lived in a period when technology and industrialization were not yet present. They managed to make their tools from the materials they found and gathered nearby. These tools undeniably helped them to adapt to their harsh environment and survive. The hunter-gatherers had to rely on a very basic toolkit. It was often made of wooden trunks, sticks and bones which they were able to obtain while exploring their own habitat. These tools were the main equipment used to gather fruit, vegetables, nuts, roots and other edible plants. The hunter-gatherers also used some killing weapons such as spears, bows and arrows, and simple knives as a means to hunt and prepare animals for cooking. However, as man’s evolution progressed, his thinking also developed. The humans learned that they can settle and remain in one area where they can survive. They began to spend longer periods of time at their campsites which allowed them to observe the patterns of growth of the grains and cereals they gathered and the migratory habits of the herds they hunted. As a result the humans began to experiment in planting seeds of different crops, and gradually learned how to farm, raise and domesticate animals. In contrast to the tools used by hunter-gatherers, the farmers produced and used more elaborate and functional tools. Some tools were made of organic materials such as fiber, bone and wood but others were made of stone. The farmers crafted these tools by grinding, shaping and carving the stone. These stone tools were used for their various farming activities such as cutting, digging, scraping, etc. In conclusion, while the hunter-gatherers managed to survive using basic tools, the farmers created a new superior toolkit which fundamentally altered human history. Humans were finally able to move away from the hunting and gathering practices and they

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