Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Renting, Real estate, Rental agreement Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: August 6, 2012
Homeownership and Apartment Rental
Toma Long-Leonard
ENG 121 English Composition I
Instructor: Michaela Vargas

How does a person decide whether they want to live in an apartment or become a homeowner? There are some major similarities and differences when making the decision to give up your apartment and purchase your first home. Some people enjoy the perks of having their own home while others prefer to live in the comfort of an apartment. Linda wanted to purchase her first home once she found out that she was having a baby. Linda had lived in her apartment for the past 10 years and had never considered the possibility of moving until she met a wonderful man that she married and was ready to make space for their new arrival. Linda decided she wanted to weigh the pros and cons of moving into homeownership to determine if she wanted to move into a larger apartment or make the decision to move her family out into their first home. Linda went on the internet and looked up information concerning her choices and found out that individuals looking for homes or apartments can endure a lengthy process. Both homeowners and tenants are required to make payments, however homeowners pay with the intent to own and rental apartments are temporary with the option of short or long-term leases. Both homeowners and apartment tenants are responsible for furnishing their own dwellings which can be very expensive. In some cases apartment tenants may be required to pay for utilities although in some cases individuals have options of choosing apartments with utility packages which helps ease the cost of the apartment. In a home the occupants are required to pay all the utilities and often times they have deposits that are required for services such as gas and electricity. Linda realized that regardless if she stayed in her apartment or move into a home she would be responsible for any damages to her personal property so she also invested in insurance to cover...

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