Compare and Contrast

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25 September 2011
Two different Styles of Shopping.
There are so many differential topics between men and women; the most talked about topic is shopping. There are some similarities and there are some differences. Many people think that woman takes more time for shopping than men do. And many men and women will agree with this statement because they been through the same situation .Every house hold has always argument about this subject. There are three main ways that men and women shop differently, women take more time in shopping than men do, women worries more about brands than men do, women like comparison shopping but men don’t like to comparison they watch their money.

First reason is women take more time in shopping than men do. First reason is that shopping is mission for men but for women it’s leisure. Women takes pride on what they buy and what they spent money on it .Women takes shopping like men does for Sunday night football, for men shopping is just a mission, they get in the store and get out in 15 minutes. Women start their shopping from first store and after end of a day they will go through the mall and meet all the store employees. After a day they only bought a single bag and they waste their whole day.

Second reason is Women worries more about brands than men do. Women have a picky choice they will spend hours of time in as tore to just find on brand but in another hand men worries about the budget they will spend little amount of time to find things that they can get in their budgets . But when you take man in the hardware store that’s whole different story they will spend as much time as women do in the mall but there is huge difference between two, men go to hardware store once in two months but women they go for shopping every weeks or every month. Women usually shops for others but men shops for themselves.

Many older men and women take longer to shop than many younger man and women. Women like to...
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