How Men and Women Do Their Shopping

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How men and women do their shopping
One of my friends called me asking to pick her up from the store where she was shopping. When I found her inside the store and asked what happened to her, she came up with a story. Her husband and she decided to take one car to do the shopping and arrange some other business in the bank. Her husband came up with a plan that he will drop her in the store and drive to the bank while she will be shopping. They decided that he would pick her up when he will be done with the bank. But an hour later, when he came and found that she was not done with her shopping list yet, he became angry; moreover, his wife had in her shopping cart a set of glasses that were not on her shopping list. After a tirade that she always wastes her time and his money doing shopping, he left the store. Many times after this accident, I noticed that most women and men behave in different way doing their shopping. For example, women stay much longer in the stores than men, buy a lot of small but necessary purchases, such as a kitchen towel or a new pillow case, and try to reduce expenses using coupons, manufacturer's rebates or buying stuff on sale. In contrary, most men prefer not to bother themselves with coupons and usually buy needed thing right when they find it. They usually avoid a lot of things that are important for women, such as embroidered serviette or plate covered with ornament. As I have done some observation and questioned my friends, I understood that women have different approach toward shopping than men do, at least among my acquaintances. When women shop, they try to buy things that will perfectly fit their style or interior of their house. They are looking for particular color, shape and size of whatever thing they need -- saucepan, chair, or lamp. I believe when woman buys, her first priority is prettiness, or good look. On second place is practical side of the item. In most cases, women choose a dress that makes her slender and...
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