Comparative Study between Government and pvt hospitals

Topics: Nursing, Health care, Health Pages: 4 (853 words) Published: November 13, 2013

Analysis of Work Life Balance of Female Nurses in
Hospitals - Comparative Study between Government and
Private Hospital in Chennai, TN., India
A. Health Care Industry – An Overview
As the saying goes – “Health is Wealth”, health is
considered as the most important phenomenon in today’s
world which determines the wealth of the country at large.
The health care industry in India is one of the largest
economic and fastest growing professions. In order to create a balance between the provision and reception of health care, various strategies have been worked out which makes the
industry effectively by health consciousness among people
& welfare schemes [1]. Nurses play the major role in health
care industry and are the first ones who are thought about
when we talk about health care and thus it is necessary that their needs have to be taken care and a congenial
atmosphere is created for them to work with utmost job
satisfaction and content, the result of which would be a high quality nursing care.
B. Work Life Enhancement
Its concept revolves around three main categories – the
work and family, life satisfaction and job satisfaction. This triangle has to be entangled by high level of positive waves which is of great importance in achieving the personal and
professional objectives effectively and efficiently Head, D. (2010), April 30 [2]. Studies have proven that factors like
improper work-life balance, work pressure, improper
working environment, growth pressure, and salary and job
security have greater impact on job satisfaction. The job
satisfaction of a nurse is absolutely important for the smooth functioning and successful upcoming of the health care
industry [3].
C. Nurses in Demand & Retention Strategies
The demand for nurses is also increasing not only
because of the attractive salary and job security but also
because of the care they provide thus making a difference in others lives which is generally not found...
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