Comparative Essay of Surfing and Skimboarding

Topics: Surfing, Skimboarding, Water sports Pages: 3 (1171 words) Published: March 17, 2010
There are over 17 to 27 million surfer’s world wide, and about 10 to 15 million skimboarders. Surfing is the term used for a surface water sport in which the person surfing moves along the face of a breaking ocean wave. Skimboarding is a board sport in which a skim board (a smaller, sleeker version of a surfboard) is used to ride on an incoming wave. Clearly people choose more to surf than to skim. I want to know why more people are surfing than skimming for such a large margin. Perhaps the answer is in danger of them, the style or on the price of the boards used.

There are many dangers in the sport of surfing. Surfing, like all the sports in the water carries the danger of drowning. A surfboard may help a surfer stay above the water, but it isn’t to secure because it can be separated from the user. The use of a leash attached to the ankle or knee helps the surfer to stay connected or tied to the board for convenience, but is not used as a device to prevent drowning. Anything that a surfer can come in contact with is a danger, because of the speed they’re in. The most common things they collide with are sand bars, rocks, reefs, surfboards, and other surfers. Collisions with these objects can sometimes result in unconsciousness or even death. Many surfers jump off bridges, buildings and other structures to reach the surf. If the timing is wrong they can damage themselves. The 66% of injuries are caused by the impact of a surfboard nose or fins on the surfer’s body. Some animals like sharks, stingrays, seals and jellyfish can cause injuries or deaths. Some surfers can sometimes use intimidation and violence in an attempt to guard their surf break against outsiders in an attempt to avoiding crowding.

The style of surf is just one. There are no other styles than just riding a wave. Surfing begins when the surfer finds a ridable wave on the beach and attempts to match its speed by paddling or sometimes by tow-in. Once the wave has started to carry...
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