Community South Medical Center

Topics: Health care, Strategic management, Strategic planning, Medicine, Change, Technology / Pages: 4 (901 words) / Published: Apr 8th, 2013
Community South Medical Center
HCA340: Managing in Health & Human Services
April 1, 2013

Community South Medical Center Strategic plans are critical to any business field including the health care field. However, the health care industry is constantly changing and strategies need to adjust with those industry changes. This is the only way for the health care business to keep competitive in the health care field. Strategic planning is the process of identifying a desired future state for an organization and a means to achieve it (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2007). The Community South Medical Center, located in an older urban area, began to see change in the local community as the businesses with good paying jobs gradually moved out of the area, and was replaced with small shops and other small business organizations. The patient population has been changing as a result. The population is reported to be that of an aging population now. Because of this major shift, it has become necessary for Community South Medical Center to review and revise the strategic mission of the health care facility to improve technology, quality of care, and to meet the needs of the shifting patient base. The CEO of Community South Medical Center needs to address the changes of the community as they affect the health care community. If these community changes are ignored, the Community South Medical Center will be lead to organizational death. The longer the CEO waits, the harder it will be to catch up with the changes that leave the health care facility behind the times.
First, the organization will need to address the major issues they are facing such as confronting the identified shortage of clinical staff including registered nurses, respiratory therapists and medical technologists. Becoming an Employer of Choice can significantly change the staffing shortage for the better. Being an Employer of Choice will draw the attention of highly qualified and

References: Buchbinder, S. B. & Shanks, N. H. (2007). Introduction to health care management. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. ISBN: 9780763734732

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