Roles and Application of Management Functions

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Roles and Application of Management Functions
HCS/325 Healthcare Management

In today’s health care environment, the healthcare manager plays a vital role. There are several functions the healthcare manager must employ to be successful. The four functions are Planning, Organizing, Leading and controlling (Buchbinder, Tompson, & Shanks).

Planning is where the manager will map out the direction for what will happen. A solid plan is important so that the next step, organizing, can be effective. Organizing sets the stage for what will happen. This is where the structure is put in place for what will happen in the future. If the structure is weak the manager will have a hard time moving forward and leading their team in a positive direction. Once the structure is in place the manager is then able to work with their team. The manager will need to inform their staff members about what will be happening and how. It is important for the manager to remain positive and encourage their staff along the way. The final piece is controlling what is happening. By controlling the process, the manager is able to obtain the desired results (Kramer, Lombardi, & Schermerhorn, 2007). Just like a building, a house or skyscraper, all pieces of the process are important. If one piece fails it will be difficult for the other pieces to be completed as needed. In my opinion, the most important piece of the four is organizing. Without a solid structure in place the outcome is not likely to be positive. The plan can be a little weak or the leader can be a little less that desired but if the structure fails everything else will too. Once the course is complete I hope to have learned more about the overall management needs in the health care facility. By completing the reading and the assignments along with the dialog between classmates I think that this course will be a valuable tool for my future. The team assignments will be even more important in this class than in other...

References: Buchbinder, S. B., Tompson, J. M., & Shanks, N. H. An Overview of Health Care Management.
Kramer, B., Lombardi, D. J., & Schermerhorn, J. R. (2007). Leading Others: Calling Others to Action. In Health Care Management. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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