Community Service

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Michael Brown
Mrs. Day
I helped out most of my hours of community service for the Laguna Creek Junior Cardinals (LCJC) football team .What happened was in my first 4 hours of community service I helped divide recycle from trash and empty out the trash at one of my brothers football game. My supervisor for those hours for LCJC was Lora the head coach for the cheerleaders. A week later for 4 hours I clean-up and break down the facility around the field. Later next week I did the same thing for another 6 hours, setting up and putting away the facility and cleaning up afterwards. After working 14 hours for the football team I thought of what else could I do for the rest of my service hours. This is what happened, my mom suggest that I should do more service at our church and I agreed to do it. My supervisor for my service was the church pastor Charles. What happened was for 2 hours I just did the normal stuff like setting up and cleaning afterwards, like I did at my brothers football games. It was the same thing for the next few weeks, cleaning up, setting up, breaking down and also greeting people in the morning before church started. All the stuff I’ve been doing was not must but I did learn about the impotents of cleaning up the community and to serve and welcome others. This is about it for my community service for this year I lust hope that next year, I can do more for my community and I’m not just saying that, I really want to do better next year for my community service.
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