Community and Teenagers

Topics: Community, Adolescence, Albert Einstein Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Teenagers, who exactly are they? If you were to search the word “teenagers” on the dictionary, you would find that they mean adolescents or youths. But is there more to them than meets the eye? Teenagers are the future of a society and once they grow up to become an adult, they will be the cornerstones of the society. Thus, they should not rely on others to contribute to the development of a civic-minded society but should contribute too. There are many ways that teenagers can contribute to the development of a civic-minded society.

Firstly, teenagers today are in greater contact with the larger community than any preceeding generation. This enables them to be key prospects of fostering a common identity with others, which is the basis for compassion and acting the best interests of others. With exchange programs, online interactions and an increasingly diverse school environment, they have more opportunities for interaction than even before. For example, there is The Experiment in International Living which allows high-school students in the United States to go abroad to other countries and the program focuses on cultural immersion, experiential learning, and making meaningful connections across national, linguistic, and cultural borders, letting them learn about their host environment and be part of another community, which fosters a sense of kinship that transcend borders. The friendships that teenagers build through these programs lay the foundation for an even more interconnected global community where people can consider themselves as part of a larger social environment that surpasses their local communities and countries.

Secondly, teenagers today have a wide variety of programs to choose from which involves helping those in need to help. They can demonstrate community responsibility by acting voluntarily in ways that benefit others who are disadvantaged, even those who are outside their immediate communities. This involves avoiding behavior or...
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