Essay On Teen Activists

Topics: Education, High school, Taliban, School, Bullying, Pakistan / Pages: 2 (433 words) / Published: Oct 19th, 2015
Teens Activist and Normal Teens Our world is not a utopia. In some parts of the world people are denied education. War still exists, as well as poverty. These are injustices. Therefore, it is important for people to stand up for problems in the world. Certain teen activist understand this because they recognize problems, speak up, and act within their communities and the world. Firstly, activist need to recognize these problems. For example teen activist Malala, had her school shut down because she was a girl. In 2009, the Taliban, a terrorist group, closed Malala’s school and threatened girls to stay away from of education. Malala recognize this injustice, and she wanted to speak up. Another teen activist who recognized a problem in his community is Alex Lin. Alex Lin read an article in 2004 and that's how he recognized the problem of e-waste. Thus, various experience help turn an ordinary teen into an activist.
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Some teen activists like Malala spoke up for their community and the world. At first she was speaking up for her community. When she recognized that girls education was a problem she spoke for her world and not only her community. When she was speaking up the Taliban shot her because of what she was doing. Although, she got shot she still spoke up for girls education. She also became the youngest activist in the world. To conclude, teen activist are different than many teens because recognizing problems in the world, the ability to help their community, and the way they take action in their community. Some of the most inspirational and significant. People that played a huge role in this is Malala and Alex Lin. Without some of these great people that have created history our communities wouldn’t be the same. One of the greatest improvements of today is education. Education is now open to all genders because of these

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