Communications Questionnaire

Topics: Communication, Nonviolent Communication, Computer network Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: October 22, 2013

SMPR Case Questions PG. 35-37

1. What are SMPR’S data communications needs? SMPR needs to be able to communicate between offices in a more efficient manner. A WAN (VPN) needs to be set up for SMPR to improve the communications between branch offices. This WAN can be set up and managed by the network technologist. A Windows server should be run on this network. This server will provide access based resources for each office from one central location. (Admin) 2. Based on the information provided, do you foresee any significant problems in integrating and coordinating the needed networks? If so, what are they? Support can be an issue. Each branch may require training on how to use the newly integrated network. The VPN can be managed remotely from the administrative office once initial training has taken place at each of the branches. 3. What skills do you think should be included in a job description for SMPR’s new corporate networking technology manager? Obviously the technology manager would need to have some networking and communication skills. Windows server administrations skills would be required as well as general PC technician skills. The technology manager would have to be well rounded to complete this job. 4. How much do you think the owner of a business like SMPR needs to know about data communications? Detailed information? General information? Justify your answer. I believe that the owner would have to know some detailed information about communication. It would be advisable for the owner to understand how his data is exchanged and how it is done. This would come in handy in the event that the technology manager is unavailable or leaves the company. 5. Mr. Sheehan is also contemplating the creation of a mission statement for his organization that would describe how SMPR uses client data. List three things you believe should be addressed by such a statement. First I think that the mission statement should stress the importance of the information...
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