Business Plan Activity

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You are invited to complete a business plan activity. The business plan is designed to help you communicate what your business will look like as you start and what your goals are for the future. Please review the instructions below.

Business Plan
Business Plan
1. Provide complete answers to each question. Be specific in your responses. 2. You are expected to utilize any research you have done or knowledge about the business to describe your plan. 3. Be sure to describe your rationale for crucial aspects of your plan. 4. Submit your completed plan by email to your recruiter.

Business Plan Proposal

(Please answer each question thoroughly. Email this document to your recruiter when completed)

1. Describe your vision for building your practice at Edward Jones. How do you plan to add value to the clients and communities you will serve?

2. Please detail the prospective types of clients you believe will allow you to build your business to fulfill your vision.

3. Why do you think that these types of clients would provide a basis on which to build a business that would allow you to realize your vision?

4. To identify and approach these prospective client types, what actions will you take?

5. Explain what actions you will take each and every day to identify and approach these prospective client types by completing the calendar below. The calendar requires you to detail the actions you would take throughout the week. This is your opportunity to explain what you will be doing to build a successful practice with Edward Jones. Please be as specific as possible.



Mid Morning

Late Morning

Mid Afternoon

Late Afternoon


6. How will you turn these prospective clients into Edward Jones clients, especially if they have been or...
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