Communication Process Paper

Topics: Communication, Writing, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Communication process is a very important aspect with the help of which people send messages verbal including sentences, words, and messages nonverbal including physical setting, facial expression, and behavior. Communication patterns have changed because of changing nature of interaction between people. Communication allows business to coordinate and unify common goals. An open communication policy in business where the employees may come to the supervisors and voice his or her likes as well as dislikes. The business will have a workable environment for everyone. As the message passes through this medium, there is noise and which changes the message into something different from what was sent. These are otherwise known as the barriers to effective communication. Noise can be static or anything that distracts from the intended massage. Example, if there a meeting going on in the workplace and two employees are talking in the background. An individual will become distracted of what the meeting is about.

Communication process Paper

The climates in most workplace are cool if it is an inside job. So individual may be comfortable communicating with one and another. Some people believe the environment tan make a difference with the way an individual communicate. Communication is vital in the workplace and it the primary means to convey the proper message. Most jobs have shift work and needs to communicate from one shift to another. This may be done by verbal or written in paper. A business climate most likely creates within levels of management and spreads from there. The strength and weakness of any organization are only good or bad as the individuals who work there. If there an open policy where employees can communication with his or her supervisors as they please. This procedure will make the workplace environment workable for everyone....
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