Communication Process

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, If You Have to Ask Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: June 2, 2013
The Communication Process 1

The Communication Process

Mike Speed

University of Phoenix

The Communication Process 2

Listening and Responding in the Communication Process

Imagine a scenario in which you are put in the position to hire a consultant for the most important job your business has ever seen. There are two contenders, both of which you have never met in your entire life, and know nothing about. The first contender walks in while wearing nothing but a pair of dirty overalls and a beaten, ratted old cowboy hat. The second contender walks in dressed in a full business suit, freshly cleaned with his hair slicked back in the most professional fashion. It’s not even a question, right? The second contender has already gotten the job, without ever even given the chance to speak. Well the first contender, the one in the overalls, had just graduated with his doctorate from Harvard. The second contender, the man in the suit, dropped out of high school and hasn’t held a steady job since he was seventeen years old. The point being, first impressions are one of the most important parts of the communication process, and that’s all without even a single word being spoken between the two sides of the conversation. Nonverbal and unwritten forms of communication are arguably the most important factors in giving someone the best impression they can possibly receive from you. One of the most important scenarios in which professional communication is key is the interview/business scene, where impressing is the goal of everyone in the room. Starting on the sender’s end, the first thing that anybody who has never met you is going to notice will be that of what you are wearing. That...
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