Communication is the Key

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Ben Smith
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Mrs. Garrett
Communication is the Key
The story of Rebecca revolves around characters who live at a beautiful estate called Manderley. They are seemingly happy on the outside, but their lives are deteriorating on the inside. Their lack of communication originates from different circumstances, but the outcome is the same. The narrator, Mrs. de Winter, only sees things from her perspective and fails to consider others’ positions. Mr. de Winter, Maxim, communicates with lies and deceit to cover up the murder of his late wife, Rebecca. Mrs. Danvers harbors her true feelings toward both Mr. and Mrs. de Winter because she is still mourning the death of Rebecca. Ultimately, this lack of communication, because of their ties to Rebecca, moves from internal strife to the outward, physical destruction of Manderley. Mrs. de Winter arrives at Manderley as Maxim’s wife. She has always admired the estate and looked at it as a symbol of success and happiness. She desires to be liked and loved by all those who live at Manderley. She’s insecure and very critical of herself. Even though she is new, she already feels as if she is being judged. When Maxim hears or senses anything concerning his past with Rebecca, he leaves or changes the subject. Mrs. de Winter interprets this as if he is still in love with Rebecca and feels she is not good enough for him. The idea of Maxim holding on to Rebecca torments Mrs. de Winter, but she doesn't feel as if she can express these emotions to Smith 2

him. Likewise, Mrs. Danvers’ attitude toward her also makes her feel inadequate. Mrs. Danvers tries to drive her away by consistently referring to Rebecca and her legacy. Mrs. de Winter’s assumption of her inadequacy causes her to only see her perspective and no one else’s. Maxim is hiding his true feelings for Rebecca. Everyone thinks he still loves Rebecca and is having a hard time recovering from her death. He refuses to talk about her or discuss...
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