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Foreshadowing Quotes & Analysis in Rebecca

By tmcpro Nov 10, 2008 502 Words

In the book Rebecca, the author, Daphne Du Maurier foreshadows several events in the book. Du Maurier foreshadows several times in this novel but the reader may quickly read over it. The foreshadowing has an underlying message that hints the reader about what has or what is going to happen later in the novel.

We would not talk of Manderley, I would not tell my dream. For Manderley was ours no longer. Manderley was no more. (Page 4) This quote shows the reader that something tragic happened to Manderley, so tragic she does not bring up her dream to anyone.

There were never any complaints when Mrs. de Winter was alive. (Page 8)

Instinctively I thought, "She is comparing me to Rebecca"; and sharp as a sword the shadow came between us. (Page 8) This is the first mention about Rebecca. It is the first quote that introduces that Mrs. de Winter is constantly compared to Rebecca. The sword represents a battle and the shadow between them shows a sharp change in mood.

I was a person of importance; I was grown up at last. That girl, who, tortured by shyness, would stand outside the sitting-room door twisting a handkerchief in her hands, while from within came that babble of confused chatter so unnerving to the intruder--she had gone with the wind that afternoon. She was a poor creature, and I thought of her with scorn if I considered her at all. (Chapter 4) This quotes demonstrates the foreshadow placed on the theme of her “growing up” to become a woman. What gulf of years stretched between him and that other time, what deed of thought and action, what difference in temperament? I did not want to know. I wished I had not come. (Chapter 4) This is the first quote that shows that Maxim loses his temper badly. This character weakness in character foreshadows how his temper will cause a problem in the future. He becomes a different man. The word lingered in the air once I had uttered it, dancing before me, and because he received it silently, making no comment, the word magnified itself into something heinous and appalling, a forbidden word, unnatural to the tongue. And I could not call it back, it could never be unsaid. Once again I saw the inscription on the fly-leaf of that book of poems, and the curious slanting R. I felt sick at heart and cold. He would never forgive me, and this would be the end of our friendship. (Chapter 5) Foreshadows how Rebecca will be the cause of the “end of [their] relationship.” The gulf between us had been bridged after all. I was to call him Maxim. (Chapter 5) Gulf is a body of water. This is not the first time that it is mention to describe their relationship. Gulfs are larger bays. The bay is where Rebecca died, and the gulf between them can be interpreted as Rebecca being between the relationships.

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