Communication in Organization

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Writing Pages: 14 (3509 words) Published: August 8, 2007

1. Introduction6
1.5Rationale to choose8
2.Introduction of the Organization9
2.1Glance of Crystal Image9
2.2Know the organization9
2.3 Organizational Diagram10
2.4 Stakeholders of Crystal Image11
3. Communication Process12
3.1. Communication Bubble13
4. Communication with stakeholders13
4. Communication with stakeholders14
d.Material and Service Suppliers.14
5. Production Process15
6. Communication within Organization16
6.1 Routine communication16
6.2 Recruitment16
6.3 Regular Communication17
7. Conclusion17
8. Recommendations:18

1. Introduction


The purpose of this study is to outline the importance of communication in the organization. In today's information technology era, the success of an organization depends on the quality and quantity of the information they transmit and exchange within and outside the organization.

Next, objective of this study is to investigate different communication channels and mediums that exist in the organization. In any type of organization communication is vital for the progress, prosperity and sustenance of an organization.

The final purpose of this study is to find out the stakeholders of the organization and to be familiar with the communication between them. We studied formal as well as informal communication that takes place between the organization and its stakeholders.

This study has helped to understand the practicality of what we had studies in the class room.

This report is prepared in partial fulfillment of the requirements for degree of Master of Business Administration and is to be submitted to Dr, Bhawani Shanker Subedi, Mrs. Usha Bhandari and Mr. Durga Prasad Upadhaya.


An organization is the group of people working together to achieve common goal and communication plays the plays the considerable role in the formation and prolongation of the organization. Various verbal as well as non verbal form of communication such as conversation, meeting, conference, seminar, reports, proposals, discussions exist in an organization. These communications not only enable people to come together and share their ideas at work place but also enable the organization to progress and prosper.

With the development in the information and technology sector, evaluating and sharing of the information has now became the common function and communication has assumed more important function than ever before. This change in communication has urged the organization to revitalize their communication systems and networks.

The organization is surrounded by the stakeholders who have direct investment, interest, involvement in the organization. They are those forces that influence the organization's ability to achieve its objective. This creates the obligation of the organization to revitalize the process of transmitting and receiving information effectively and efficiently through oral and written Medias.


For this study report, we undertook series of research activities. First the list of different organization was prepared that could meet the criteria of our study. We finalized the organization on the basis of the communication channels, systems, network rather than size of the organization. We also made sure that the organization that we selected is within our capability in terms of our analytical, qualitative and quantitative skills.

Personal Observation
During our visit we closely observed the working environment in the organization. We also observed the use of oral as well as written communication in the daily operation of the organization. During our observation we examined the procedures, methods, technologies relating to the communication in the organization.

After the approval from the head of the organization,...
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