Communication Channel Scenarios

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Communication Channel Scenarios



1. According to the Organizational Behavior, Fourteenth Edition article, the Formal Channel of communication is explained as, “Traditionally following the authority chain within the organization” ( Stephen P. Robbins,  2011, p. Chapter 11). Lateral communication is occoring in this situation because I am of equal status as my team members. The Vice President of Operations passes the news to me then I convey the message to my team members. As far as conveying my team’s response to the task I would stay within the Formal Communication method but this time the communication direction changes. My team members and I devise a strategy on how to introduce the new product to the Global Market then I would relay this solution to the Vice President of Operations. Upward Communication is being used here. “Upward communication flows to a higher level in the group or organization ( Stephen P. Robbins,  2011, p. Chapter 11). SCENARIO 2

I would use the downward channel in this scenario. When IT supplies the new Password and username for the company employees I would use downward communication by passing the information along to an assistant manager. The assistant manager would then pass the new user name and password down to the other employees. This would be the most effective channel of communication because I would need to contact my superior as soon as possible. While my assistant manager or designated employee is passing the information along to the other employees I would be in contact with my superior explaining the situation and the solution IT had presented. This would be an example of oral upward communication.


To convey the news of having to cut my workforce I would use the Downward Channel of communication. According to the article, downward communication is, “Communication that flows from one level of a group or organization to a lower level” ( Stephen P. Robbins, ...

References: Stephen P. Robbins, (2011). Organizational Behavior (14th ed.). : Pearson Education.
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