Nvq Level 3 Business Admin

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Unit 9 – Supervise a Team in a Business Environment
Personal Statement.

1.1, 1.2:
By working together as a team towards a goal/ objective helps the team become stronger and more focused towards targets/aims. This is due to individuals being able to build personal confidence while working together and enables people to be more assertive in their strong areas. By supervising the team you can help build a confident and able workforce by learning their strong/weak points. When working towards goals or targets the most productive/efficient members or staff will be used according to expertise/confidence in the area. This will help achieve business objectives as everyone is working towards the same goals. This will improve business and staff effectiveness towards agreed goals.

2.1, 2.2:
When working together communicating effectively is important. It helps a team understand what is expected of them as well as outlining important information and goals. A variety of methods can be used to achieve this i.e. meeting, email, bulletins and information boards and the most important decision required is “What is the best way to relay this message?” A consideration is also required as to who the audience is as this will affect the decision on how information is relayed. In some circumstances communicating via email is acceptable, this is generally best when the information needs to be passed quickly to a lot of people, or if it’s an update that can be read when they have free time to do so. If an urgent update is needed or change to work it is always best to use face to face in a meeting. This will enable you to be able to answer any queries or even to seek ideas from the team if required. It is always best to communicate with your team regularly to ensure that any problems/issues can be caught early and acted upon. For statistics to measure areas of concern/ productivity an information board displaying these in a visual display could also be useful. By communicating effectively within a team you and the staff will always know exactly where you’re up to and what the plan is to achieve objectives. This helps towards effective planning and achieving goals and targets.

3.1, 3.2, 3.3 :
When working together as a team it’s important for the team to be aware of the goals and targets. The benefits of communicating plans and informing them of objectives are that all members of the team will then be working towards the same goal. By having a meeting to discuss the work goals and agreeing a time plan with the staff you can then work towards a goal by scheduling activities for individuals or the team. To do this you need to identify tasks and estimate duration for each task. By doing this you can allocate resources to ensure everyone is working effectively towards the agreed time plan. By agreeing quality measures and timescales within your team it keeps staff working the same and producing work of the same high standards. It helps to reduce loss of resource due to rework as they know what is expected of them. It ensures that all individuals from management to staff have agreed expectations and what is required to deliver these.

4.1, 4.2
The benefits of recognising individual strengths within a team are an important factor of any team leader’s role. It helps the team leader delegate tasks to work more effectively and ensures that the best person for each task is used. By pooling together the strengths of your team you can achieve targets easier by deciding who would be more suitable for each task required. This helps the team to identify with their role and the role of others on the team and work more efficiently together. When assigning work or tasks to individuals or teams it is good practice to consider individual capabilities as well as strengths/ weaknesses. When I have to assign work to staff I decide what type of work it is and what the priority of the piece of work is before considering the member of staff to give...
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