Communication Barriers

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Communication is the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another; it involves a sender transmitting an idea, information, or feeling to a receiver (U.S. Army, 1983). Effective communication occurs only if the receiver understands the exact information or idea that the sender intended to transmit. Many of the problems that occur in an organization are the either the direct result of people failing to communicate and/or processes, which leads to confusion and can cause good plans to fail (Mistry, Jaggers, Lodge, Alton, Mericle, Frush, Meliones, 2008). Effective Communication is significant for managers in the organizations so as to perform the basic functions of management, i.e., Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Communication helps managers to execute their jobs and responsibilities. Communication serves as a foundation for planning. All the essential information must be conveyed to the supervisors who in-turn must connect the plans so as to apply them. Organizing also requires effective communication with others about their job task. Similarly leaders as managers must communicate effectively with their subordinates so as to achieve the team goals. Controlling is not possible without written and oral communication. Managers devote a great part of their time in communication. They generally devote approximately 6 hours per day in communicating. They spend great time on face to face or telephonic communication with their superiors, subordinates, colleagues, customers or suppliers. Managers also use Written Communication in form of letters, reports or memos wherever oral communication is not feasible. Thus, we can say that “effective communication is a building block of successful organizations”.

2.Barriers to Communication

There are several barriers that affect the flow of communication in an organization. These barriers interrupt the flow of communication from the sender to the receiver, thus making communication ineffective. Communication is fruitful if and only if the messages sent by the sender are interpreted with same meaning by the receiver. If any kind of disturbance blocks any step of communication, the message will be destroyed. Due to such disturbances, managers in an organization face severe problems. There are many different barriers which could cause a problem in communication but the 5 barriers which we are going to be focused on are noise, lack of planning, cultural barriers, socio-psychological barriers and emotions.


Noise is anything that gets in the way of efficient interaction and 'blocks' or alters the concept. This may be actual noise e.g. a lawn mower been used outside a classroom where is there a lecture going on. However there can be many other aspects. Behaviour and values, bigotry and encounters will have an impact on the understanding of a concept. If you believe your manager is always out there to 'put you down', and he/she indicates additional training, this may be recognized as a penalties or risk, even if it is designed basically to make you more efficient. Another element could be wrong interpretation which again plays a very important part in miscommunication. Details can be incorrectly conceived by the receiver resulting in a complete blunder. “Tom went for a bash last night”. The phrase bash can be decoded as going for a fight as well as a celebration. The email send might express his concept to the receiver in order to provide some necessary details but the receiver might misunderstand it. It is the liability of the receiver to give appropriate reviews to the presenter and answer all the questions before finishing the discussion. Do not keep things within yourself; ask if you are not sure about anything.

2.1.1.How to overcome these barriers

In order to eliminate noise there are certain things you can do. Identify the resource of the disturbance. If it is possible to get rid of the disturbance,...
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