Communication Barrier

Topics: Management, Leadership, Communication Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Assignment 1- Effective Leadership|
Managerial Communication|
Pawan JoshiMBA – 1 Trimester|

Based on the text within the quote effective leadership communication “It’s more than talks”, Illustrate how a writer imagine the role of communication for effective leadership

Great leaders in today’s world must have effective communication skills. Effective leadership in a business requires knowing how to communicate within and outside the organization Since 1938 when Chester Bernard concluded that effective communication was the main task of managers and executives, leaders have emphasized improving communications. In the article written by John Baldoni, a consultant specializing in leadership communication and development on “Effective Leadership Communications: It’s more than talk”, the writer has tried to explain that effective leaders not only communicate effectively but also need to act on the things they communicate. In order to prove this the writer has given number of good examples in the article. The one good example is from Dr Dainel Denison, a professor of management and organization at the Institute of Management Development (IMD). He believes that the leader may talk about its organization’s vision and mission but if he does not bring this into action by communicating it with his employees then no one in an organization can carry out a business strategy. The writer has also explained very clearly eight steps which are; be consistent, set clear, credible target, coach,coach,coach, be out front, issue call to action , emphasize that everyone needs to communicate effectively and choose media widely of effective leadership communications with some good examples. However, from the eight steps, which I liked most for effective leadership, communication is the one, which it says that leadership communication has to be consistent. This is because communication of leaders has to be consistent otherwise the leader will not be able to clearly...
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