Communication: Analysing and Presenting Complex Communication

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This report is for the second exam of the Communications unit of producing complex written business documents. The aim of this report is to know the customer services in the Renmin University and know whether it could meet the need of the students. The objectives of the report are to introduce different kinds of customer services in the Renmin University and how to offer these services for the students. It includes the facilities of teaching, condition of the education, facilities of living and organization and activities of students. And each of them has its own different parts to define the services. 2.0 Procedure

To source this report:
a) Information on the customer services was taken from internet websites. b) A number of books on customer services were consulted.
c) Information was gathered from the official websites of the Renmin University. 3. Facilities of Teaching
3.1 General Information of the Facilities
The Renmin University consists of 23 schools in addition to the Graduate School (the School of Science is in the process of being set up, and a Chemistry Department has been established.), thirteen university-level institutions, fourteen post-doctoral stations, plus one Adult Higher Education College, School of Education Training, and Shenzhen Research Institute. Each of the schools has its own teaching building to meet the daily needs of teaching. And they also have the special facilities for their special subjects, for example, the chemical laboratories,the multimedia classrooms and the computer rooms. So the facilities of the teaching of the Renmin University could meet the needs of the customer services of the students. 3.2 Library

The library of the Renmin University was founded in 1937. And now, the library has 15 reading rooms in which there are more than 1,800 seats. The responsible for services of the reading rooms are including borrowing, consultation, inter-library loans, help with information requests, searches, binding, audio-visual services, and so on. The university established a new local network that adopts the UNICORN software system of the US SIRSI Company and SUN mainframe equipment at the end of 1999. And this network environment provides all the necessary functions for a convenient and prompt library service. The library has a book collection of 2,500,000 copies, covering all central fields of inquiry such as the humanities, the social sciences, economics, and administration. The holdings are especially strong in economics, law, philosophy, and history. The library also has a rich collection of electronic resources; this includes access to more than 200 data bases and disk-based materials from networks both at home and abroad. To facilitate the use of the collection, the library has established a set of ordered resource bases and data bases. Thus, the library offers convenient access so that readers can effectively use the digital resources of the library. 3.3 Gymnasium

The gymnasium of the Renmin University is a multipurpose gymnasium. It is located at the west of the university. It covers over 1,400 square meters and the building area of it is 20,000 square meters. The total cost of it is more than 9,000 million. It includes the basketball courts, tennis courts,indoor track,gym,equipment room,music room and so on. It is one of the most multipurpose gymnasiums of all the universities. The gymnasium is made of aluminum and Glass curtain wall which is very beautiful and unique. The gymnasium is becoming a landmark of the Renmin University because of its beautiful shape and complex structure. And it also becomes the place which the students could spend the part time to do sports. 4. Condition of the education

4.1 Teachers
Now the Renmin University has 1,671 full time teachers, including 499 professors and 636 associate professors. The school has 13 teachers to be the members of the fifth State Council Academic Degrees Committee and has 13 professors to be selected as...

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