Communicating in the Cyber Age

Topics: Communication, Employment, Privacy law Pages: 4 (1124 words) Published: November 10, 2011
Communicating in the Cyber Age

The technology age brings new ways to interact with each other in every part of life. Communication is just one part of life that has dramatically changed in this new age. People are now able to communicate to more people, on more personal levels, and with a lot more ease. Communicating with cyber technology has its benefits as well as its downfalls. While being able to communicate to many people there is the risk of sharing too much. That risk has caused many businesses to take precautions while communicating for and through the company. By understanding the reasons and methods for company precautions while communicating an employee can protect their self. Communicating in the cyber age takes awareness and responsibility to be effective and safe. Cyber Communication and the Military

While in the military communication is vital to task operations, survival needs, and simple moral for members. Being an IT for the U.S. Navy gives a different perspective on communication. An IT has to monitor the communications for military use. Monitoring communication for the military varies by location and by security need. One thing that is common is that the communicators need to have responsibility about what is being communicated. If the users are loose with their responsibility they will lose the ability to use cyber communication. IT professionals have the ability and the right to stop someone from communicating in an irresponsible manner. Using programs and technicians to monitor emails, web content, and web usage keeps military personnel from being irresponsible. The monitoring allows technicians to be aware of what is going on and who reprehend if need be. Privacy is given to military members at the discretion of the technicians. If the member shows signs of irresponsible cyber use they are subject to lose their privacy to maintain military security. The military also uses privileged cyber usage as a tool. Certain military...

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