Comms Uniform Speech

Topics: Gang, Gang signal, High school Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: June 14, 2005
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Do you remember what your wardrobe was like during high school? Maybe you wore the latest in brand name clothing, anything that wasn't associated with gang signs, or whatever hand me downs you could get. The reality is physical violence is common between children because of the name brand on a jacket or a pair of jeans. Children are being ridiculed because their families simply can't afford to provide them with the latest in fashion. In our larger cities where gang involvement is prevalent, children are killed because they choose to wear the wrong color to school. This concern is not about civil liberties or freedom of expression, it's about improving the educational environment within our public school systems nationwide. If this is a possible solution to the issues faced in public schools, is expressing one's self with brand name clothing not worth giving up? and I went to private school where I was required to wear uniforms. I saw a strong correlation between wearing uniforms and prevention of school violence. I'm here today to talk about why uniforms prevent school violence. I will speak about how it prevents students from ridicule, theft and gang violence. First, school uniforms eliminate opportunities for the ridicule of less popular or less fortunate students based on attire. Uniforms take the competition out of dressing. Students have been known to express themselves in flamboyant clothing. Price tags are in. Do you really want to be paying for a status symbol? A complaint by students is that uniforms reduce the freedom of expression. However, are we expressing ourselves through labeled clothing? Are we not just expressing a capitalist society in which everyone wears the same clothing that is priced higher due to its popularity and brand name? Is it righteous that the kid that cannot afford these mainstream clothing is subject to ridicule? Uniforms just promote the peer pressure to perform and conform. Many students take...
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