Common Type of Analogies

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Common Types of Analogies Used on the GRE

To be successful at solving GRE analogies, you need to be able to form a sentence defining the relationship between the key words of this question. The sentence you form should be tightly focused on the key relationship between the words. To help you formulate these sentences, this handout gives you the main types of relationships that the GRE uses in formulating analogy problems. To better help you remember these types we have grouped the 21 types into four general categories.

Group A: Definitions

These types of analogies play off of the grammatical relationship between the
words. As such, they tend to be highly specific regarding meaning. In other words,
these types of analogies usually rely on very strict meanings of the words involved.

• DefinitionCoward : Brave
A coward is by definition not brave

• AntonymsMiser : Spendthrift
A miser is the opposite of a spendthrift

• SynonymsInterloper : Intruder
An interloper is an intruder

• Level of IntensityMad : Furious
Furious is more extreme than mad

Group B: Traits and Subsets

These kind of analogies concern what you might call the adjective-subset type of analogies. In these types of analogies, one word will generally be a noun and the other word will be either an adjective describing a trait of the noun OR another noun that describes a subset of the first noun.

• Part to WholeStar : Galaxy
Many stars make a galaxy

• Defining Characteristic Slippery : Ice
Ice is slippery

• Class and MemberEucalyptus : Tree
A Eucalyptus is a type of tree

• MannerBoisterous : Speak
Boisterous is to speak loudly

• SexEwe : Sheep
A ewe is a female sheep

• AgePuppy : Dog
A puppy is a young dog
Group C: Worker and Work

These types of analogies...
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